Discover the Heart of Artisinal Japan

Takumishuku, nestled in Shizuoka City, is Japan’s premier destination for traditional crafts.

With master artisans on hand and more activities (and delicious bites) than your family can handle,
we offer a rare chance to witness and learn authentic Japan.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of Suruga bamboo lattice ware,indigo and tea dyeing, woodworking, lacquer, pottery, and more!

As of 2023, you can now experience model-making guided by the world-famous Tamiya.

Forge the perfect day out and craft lasting memories, at Takumishuku.


Try your hand at the technique of your choice.
Experience the artistry that has been cherished for generations in Shizuoka.

Find your favorite creation.
Handmake gifts for your loved ones.
And take in the irreplaceable experience of craftsmanship.

Suruga Bamboo Lattice Ware

Discover the elegance of Suruga Bamboo Lattice Ware, a traditional craft from Shizuoka recognized by the Japanese government, known officially as “Sen-suji Zaiku.”

Create your own unique piece from options like flower vases, insect cages, and lighting fixtures using “maruhigo,” or rounded bamboo strips.

These pieces are renowned for their graceful design and intricate techniques in bending and joining.


Explore the art of traditional dyeing, rejuvenated by the living National Treasure Keisuke Serizawa.

This craft, with roots in the Imagawa and Edo periods, features techniques like stencil dyeing ( ‘katazome’ ), hand-drawn dyeing ( ‘tsutsugaki’ ), and tie-dyeing ( ‘shibori’ ).

Create your fabric masterpiece by learning and applying these ancient yet timeless methods.

Fall in love with Japanese indigo and tea dyeing and take home a piece of history.


Experience the art of Suruga Sashimono, a unique woodworking technique using traditional mortise and tenon joints.

Shizuoka is renowned for its skilled craftsmen who excel in this revered practice, making it a hub for exquisite furniture production.

Immerse yourself in this ancient craft, assembling and carving wood with your own two hands.


While your here, explore the world of lacquer art, a skill brought to the region by craftsmen during the construction of the Sengen Shrine, over 1,000 years ago.

Under the guidance of skilled masters, refine and finish pre-coated pieces for everyday use.


Have you experienced the joy of shaping clay?

Learn to use the pottery wheel, go free-hand, or pick up painting techniques to create unique colorful ceramics.

Start with a single type of clay and let your creativity flow.
This experience encourages playful exploration to make tea cups, plates, and more.

Our internationally renowned pottery master will guide you from initial touch to finished piece.
But more importantly, it’ s about expressing your feelings through the process of molding clay.

Plastic Model

The ultimate model-making experience has landed at Takumishuku.

It’ s under the supervision of the renowned Tamiya Corporation, leaders of one of Shizuoka's signature local industries.

Enjoy crafting flowers made from plastic sheets, painting dinosaur models, and everybody’ s favorite — building Mini 4WD cars using authentic Tamiya tools.

See why Shizuoka is synonymous with model-making under the expert guidance of our studio leader.

Moku’ iku Space for Kids

Nestled in the hills of Shizuoka, the rich, ever-changing seasons provide an abundance of cedar and cypress wood, perfectly adapted for the local environment.

At our Wood Education Space Moku’ iku, children can engage in playful learning surrounded by the natural fragrance of the forest. Designed to blend learning with fun, the space focuses on numbers, an essential part of crafting and building.

It’ s an ideal spot for families to enjoy and learn together, offering an immersive experience in a natural setting.

At Takumishuku, soul-enriching discoveries don’ t end in the workshop.

Don’ t miss our magnificent lineup of charming shops
offering unique items from clothing and food, to decor
and more!

Food and Drink

From cafés using locally sourced ingredients to shops offering carefully roasted coffee on-site, and traditional Japanese confectionery stores preserving local flavors — we have it all.

Indulge in a unique delectable experience to the fullest.


At Takumishuku, we offer a wide selection of specialties that you can only find here, including locally sourced honey and carefully curated items from across Shizuoka Prefecture.

Our select shop features signatures from all throughout Japan, including folk crafts, artisanal goods, and modern daily essentials.

Our gallery showcases works by master craftsmen, including the workshop leaders at Takumishuku.

Come and explore a vast array of exceptional products — a diverse lineup you won’t find anywhere else.

Guide Map

Unforgettable Craft Experiences Await You at Takumishuku.


3240-1 Mariko, Suruga Ward,Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Pref. 421-0103 TEL:054-256-1521
FAX:054-256-1584 Open:10:00am-7:00pm
Closed on Mondays.(Open if Monday is a holiday, then closed the following Tuesday)

For those arriving by car.
Look for the sign 駿府匠宿入口 "Sumpu Takumishuku Entrance" on National Route 1. Use our free parking area.

For large vehicles such as box cars, SUVs, and high-roof vehicles, please use the underpass parking area. For other vehicles, such as compact cars and standard automobiles, please use the multi-story parking garage before the underpass.

Via the Shizutetsu Expressway Bypass: A mere 200 meters east from the Mariko IC exit.
Bypass: Via the Tomei Expressway: Just 7 km from Shizuoka IC, a swift 15-minute drive. From Yaizu IC:Approximately 15 km, about 30 minutes.
Via the Shin-Tomei Expressway: Roughly 15 km from the Shin-Shizuoka IC, around 20 minutes. From Shizuoka Smart IC: About 9 km, around 16 minutes.

From JR Shizuoka Station North Exit, take the Shizutetsu Justline from Bus Stop No. 7. For the latest timetable, kindly check the Shizutetsu Bus website.
Take the bus towards Fujieda Station (藤枝駅前行き) on the Chubu National Route Line. Get off at the Togeppo Takumishuku Entrance(. 吐月峰駿府匠宿入口)Approximately a brisk five-minute walk from there.





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